What “Change” do we mean?

For the #Change 11 course, I have been wondering what “Change” I want to promote”?
“What is the really, really new”?  Could it be categorized in “The Networked Learning” and “The Academic Profiling” like this:

A: The Networked Learning

  1. The Open Courses – and thereby the openness of what is going on during classes (including materials)
  2. The peer to peer guidance – and thereby the lack of teacher-guidance
  3. The interactivity with peers around the world – and thereby greater possibilities to find like-minded than by local courses
  4. The huges size of classes – and thereby the lack of a physical room, which make interacting througt gestures difficult
  5. Less needs of professor for each students, which not necessarily is a bad thing.
  6. The certification, which becomes the Educational Institutions new product – in order to earn money for the courses
  7. Social networks as part of connecting
  8. etc.?

B: The Academic Profiling (and Knowledgesharing)

  1. The blogs as a way of profiling your reseach
  2. The blogs as a way of connecting with peers around the world and access their expertise
  3. The Networks sites build up around common subjects as ways of interacting with others
  4. The Web sites as means to publish articles
  5. Social networks as part of commercializing
  6. etc.

What do you think is new?

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